by Socially Altered

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released November 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Socially Altered Kolkata, India

My name is Krishnendu Ghosal and I am the person behind Socially Altered a self taught musician. In early 2015 I signed up with an Indie Label in the United Kingdom, Nub Country Records under the artist name "Cipher". I have released 2 albums last year under their label namely "Eden After Sunset" and "Above The Clouds". Moving on, now I am self releasing my songs under Socially Altered. ... more

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Track Name: Save The Soul
Can't you hear me knocking on the door,
Screaming out for help but no one shows,
Behind that door you'll hear a boy that cries,
For weeks it's heard but no one looks inside.

A crash, boom, bang, the sound of doom,
A distant scream to add to the room,
Knock, knock open the door,
The devil is waiting to come home.

After a minute of silence,
A laugh is heard but not the least human,
Man is dead, the devil at play,
Be warned am coming for your souls.

It's time for you to think on your sins,
The day of judgement just around the bend,
Mr Mercy Remorse is dead,
Buried right under your bed.
Track Name: I Don't Want No Love
I don't want no love no more,
Cause it sickens my soul.
I don't want no loving words,
Coming out of your mouth no more.
And my mind is fading,
To your thoughts of loving.
And if I just could,
Wipe my mind of clean.
I don't want no love no more.

Don't need no sympathy,
From your pitiful minds.
Just returned from hell,
Now am doing just fine,
I don't want no show no more,
Let's exchange our seats.
I'll give you a show now,
A grand show to remember.
A little taste of hell,
The only one I know.
I don't want your love no more.